I was lucky enough to receive coupons for free Farm Rich products in exchange for posting about them on various social media sites. We liked this recipe enough to blog it so I could find it later! I’ve always thought of Farm Rich as the “fried appetizer” people, which they probably do better than anyone else.  So one coupon went to Fried Cheddar Cheese Curds, which we’d never tried before and were excellent! But my youngest doesn’t care for fried breaded foods, and I was at a loss to use the other coupon until I saw the meatballs.  I picked the Italian ones, because they could always go in spaghetti.


I have to say, I was impressed! These were just lovely, well seasoned, and a nice size. I will buy them again, and I’m looking forward to trying the turkey variety, which is what I usually get when I’m not making them myself.

On to the recipe! I looked at several varieties of “Meatballs Onna Stick” on the web. It’s as easy as you might think. If you’re using frozen meatballs you’ll want to cook them first. You’ll also need something to make the bread from – I saw canned breadsticks and biscuits used.  I could I ended up using Pillsbury Pizza Crust, and if I’d had more time I could have made my own pizza dough. Finally, you can’t have anything on a stick without some skewers.


First, cook the meatballs according to package directions. As they are cooling, prepare your dough by rolling or patting it flat and cutting it into strips. Starting with the end of a dough strip, pierce it with the stick, then impale a meatball.


Weave the dough back and forth creating an S-shape around the meatballs.  Don’t squash them together, give the bread and meatballs a little room as the bread will rise a little.


Bake according to the bread directions! Mine took about 18 minutes and were only just barely browned, but I didn’t want the bread to get crunchy in deference to two sets of braces.  Sprinkle them with Italian cheese in the last couple minutes, if you want. Serve with warm marinara for dipping (my kids didn’t bother).