It’s been darn hot in Alaska this summer which means we’ve been using my KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker a lot. Today I thought I’d try to make frozen yogurt. As you may have heard, most commercial yogurt actually has no yogurt at all. Which is a shame. It seemed very easy to throw some yogurt in the ice cream maker and let it do its thing, so we did. I have read that Greek yogurt makes a confection that’s almost too creamy, but that’s what I like about Greek yogurt.


Here I learned why you only add your recipe while the mixer is on: I spooned in yogurt while it was off and it froze to the side of the bowl, immobilizing the paddle! I had to stop and scrape the sides so the paddle could move.


I let it go for the 20 minutes recommended by the instruction book. It froze beautifully into perfect soft serve. And it tasted just like vanilla yogurt (imagine that)! My kids didn’t care for the “real yogurt” taste; something with fruit or that’s been sweetened may be more their style.

But I loved it… especially with some Hershey’s Syrup. Don’t judge!