I planted turnips this year.  Nothing else in the garden is doing well thanks to a record-breaking wet summer, but my turnips are huge. We like them roasted, often with other root veggies, or in stews, and I’ve even sliced than and sauteed them.

Then it was brought to my attention that I was neglecting what is apparently the whole purpose of turnips:  the greens. Cooked greens have never been part of my family’s culinary traditions, who knew?  So I set out to have turnips for dinner.

Since we were using the greens I decided to make mashed turnips with bacon from the root. Then I sauteed the greens in the bacon grease. I made the mistake of not getting instructions first. Apparently turnip greens are less bitter when they are boiled, whether you stop at that or decide to braise them.

Mashed turnips with bacon, turnip greens, and pork tenderloin.

So here’s some things you can do with turnips. I will be trying greens again, prepared correctly!