One of the joys of my crock pot is “loose meat” sandwiches. They are so easy you’ll kick yourself for not trying them sooner. Today I made Pulled Pork Sliders, which I made up but is probably on the interwebz somewhere!

Pulled Pork Sliders
2 to 3 pounds pork, frozen
Barbeque sauce or other pork-appropriate sauce
Slider rolls

Put the frozen pork in a crock pot with about a half-cup of sauce. Cook on low for 6 hours.  Shred with a fork, removing the bones as you shred, and add more sauce if desired.  Serve on small rolls.  Serves four, but your mileage may vary.

It’s really that easy.  I use random pork from the mark-down bin because it really doesn’t matter what cut it is. I’ve used ribs, chops, roasts, country ribs, even fajita cuts.  What matters is that you have two to three pounds of meat not counting bone. I always start from frozen because I buy the meat when it’s available. You can adjust the time for thawed meat and pulled meat is really forgiving if you keep it from drying out.

Tonight I made this with just a touch of barbeque sauce and left the bottle on the table in case anyone wanted more, but I’ve added almost a full bottle for BBQ Sammies, and I’ve used a Hawaiian-style teriyaki. Tonight I used King’s Hawaiian Rolls because they are lovely and slider sized.

Really, your imagination is the only limit.

Daddy’s pulled pork sliders.
Drake’s pulled pork sliders.