For his birthday this year Jack Jr wanted a Black Forest cake. He saw one at Safeway one day and very badly wanted that chocolate cake with cherries! I made this one for about $5, but you can probably do it cheaper depending on prices where you live.

You’ll need:

Bake the cake as directed into two layers. Cool the layers completely. On the bottom layer build a ring of frosting around the edge to hold the cherries: I piped mine on with a pastry bag.  If the icing is soft you might pop the cake in the refrigerator before you add the cherries as a middle layer.

Once the cherries are in place carefully place the top layer.  Frost the cake. I actually used one and a half cans of frosting.

I kept the cake in the fridge until I served it because I was concerned about the cherries oozing out, but I think it would have been fine. It was yummy too!

Update: Because the pre-fab icing isn’t stiff, when I left the cake at room temperature the center “walls” oozed out and the top layer tried to slide off (there was half a cake left). So I’d recommend keeping leftovers in the fridge!